Exams and Treatments

Precision Eye Group offers exams and treatments for all ages and for all reasons. Some of the exams we offer are:

  • Comprehensive Eye ExamsPrecision Eye Group Comprehensive Exams
  • Pediatric Eye Exams
  • Diabetic Eye Exams
  • Cataract Management
  • Glaucoma Management
  • Retinal Disease Management

Contact Lens Fittings

Precision Eye Group Contact Lenses

Medical contact lenses

Scleral contact lenses

Hybrid contact lenses

Prosthetic contact lenses

Therapeutic tinted contact lenses for migraines

Modern Optical

  • Designer Frames
  • Premium Lenses

With advancements in ophthalmic lenses, it is hard to know which lenses are best for you. There are numerous lens designs; single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive lenses, Precision Eye Group Modern Opticalcomputer lenses, driving lenses, etc and on top of that numerous materials to make the lenses out of, such as CR-39 plastic, polycarbonate, hi-index, glass, etc.  Our doctors prescribe only the highest quality ophthalmic lenses, and will let you know which lenses are the best for you.

We have our own optical laboratory and many prescriptions are made onsite, allowing for excellent quality control. As an added bonus, our lenses come with a one year warranty with the purchase of scratch coat.